Delete multiple but not ALL materials at once?

Hi I was wondering if there is a way to do this simple task instead of going one by one (more than 100 materials to delete)

Purge does not work because somehow some geometry or group has the material assigned.

I would be nice to select multiple materials at once from Materials Default Tray and delete them. Same as when you want to delete multiple files from Windows folder.

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Use this excellent extension from ThomThom - Material Tools. You can delete materials by selection, which I do all the time as usually I want to remove materials from just single group or component. It does other things as well but this one tool is the most useful I’ve found.

Thanks, yes I have it, unfortunately it does not enable me to delete multiple specific materials, only one by one.

Selecting the geometry is no good for me because I don’t know which geometry actually has the material I want to delete.

Understood. I see. If you don’t know what has the material applied to it then you’re stuck with manually removing each material. No fun.

Give this small plugin (a tool I’ve written for @Cyentruk) a try to see if it meets your requirements!


@ShynnSup TT replace material (with eyedropper) plus Purge is the best solution for decades to get precisely what you want

I’m not sure how you want to delete them, the easiest way is from the materials tray, click on the house and delete the materials on your model that you dont want to use anymore, other option is if you want to apply a different material to an specific group or component is using selection toys from ThomThom, or the native selection tool on the contextual menu, you can select all the faces that have the same material then on the entity information tray click on the square where the material is shown and choose the default one or the one you want to replace with.