Many loading screens

Why is the program slow? Does this happen to anyone else? The more objects in it, the worse. Could it be a setup problem? Thank you in advance for your help! :slight_smile:

Might be the kind of objects in your model, the textures, style settings, etc. Might be your computer, too. Share a file that seems slow so we can see what is going on and how you have the model set up.Otherwise we can only guess at what the problem is for you.

The title of the post is “Many loading screens” and I am curious what you mean by a loading screen in SketchUp?

It is possible the model you are trying to open is a bloated file or it is exceeding the capabilities of your computer.

The program does a lot of thinking. I am currently working on the equipment of a 60m2 apartment, there are no complicated elements in it, it even freezes for 5-10 seconds.
That’s what I meant by stuttering. Could be a setup problem, unfortunately I don’t know. The performance of the computer far exceeds the basic requirements for the program.
Since I work on the program as an interior designer, it is essential for me not to use the elements from the warehouse. I don’t know if anyone else has a similar problem, or am I just careless?! This is actually the reason why I wrote this post, to find out.

It is nearly impossible to give advice with out some deatils… can you share a model that is struggling? Failing that, can you look at the Statistics screen in General Info and share some infromation about the model? How many edges? How Many faces? How many imported images and how big are they?

There are many factors that cause a model to bloat and slow down a model. Without seeing the specifics of your models, all anyone here can do is guess.


There’s a good way to find out. Share your model file to see how it is set up and organized.
Otherwise we can only guess from your words.

(Oops, didn’t see @TheOnlyAaron’s post above.)

Anyway, @eryca.018 please share the file.

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[Trimble Connect Web]

That link does not share the SketchUp file with us. It only opens the online viewer.

sorry, I’m new to the sharing interface and I don’t really know how to share the whole model. :frowning:

Upload it to DropBox or We Transfer and share the link.