Manually entering dimensions


Tried Sketchup a few years ago and found no simple way to enter a dimension. With 2017 version still have the same problem. Making a plan for a piece of furniture I simply want to start with the bottom piece 17" x 64" x 3/4". Clicking the two endpoints of a line works and typing the length or width works occasionally, but not very often. Starting with a rectangle and using the ruler (with or without ctrl, alt or shift keys) asks if I want to resize the model. If I choose yes I end up with a square. Clicking no aborts the operation. Is there a way to do this basic task? Thanks.


If you want the bottom piece to be 17" x 64" x 3/4", why don’t you start by drawing a rectangle. Click to set the first corner, drag out the rectangle and type 17,64 then hit Enter. Or 64,17 if you want it oriented the other way. Get the Push/Pull tool next and pull the face up a bit. Let go of the mouse and type 3/4 and hit Enter. The bottom is created.


Perfect. Spent hours looking for something like that, but missed it.


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