Manual input of dimensions not working sketchup


I have been using this program for almost two years so I’m well aware of how to use it. The manual input of dimensions not working in SketchUp. I am unable to type anything. Also, I am getting a “Constraint not appropriate at this time error” when I’m trying to draw a single line. This is making it nearly impossible to continue with my drawing.

Im using decimal 0.0 mm and seperate the dimensions using “,” if this even helps…

Constraints are done with keyboard shortcuts, and if a key was apparently stuck, that could make it seem like you’re trying to constrain, when you’re not.

Such a stuck key could mess up the dimensions entry as well.

Most times keys are stuck (I mean, not physically, just that the system thinks they are still being pressed), you can tap each key that may be stuck, to unstick it.

It could be worth trying that with ctrl, alt, shift, and the arrows. (Both sides of the keyboard if the key is there too)