Managing account

just downloaded sketchup2024 and now it won’t let me sign in because it says I am signed in to too many accounts and then when I go into account manager, it says that iu haven’t purchased it but it shows the payment from December

Go to members - click the 3 dots to the right of your name/email. Choose modify Product access and assign yourself a product.

Once you have a product to use you will be able to do the deauthorisation on them

In your account management page there are two company names. Both are your company name, but one is in all caps. The subscription is assigned in the lowercase account. Make sure that’s the account you’re looking at.

Sign out and close all SketchUp instances first, then reauthorize all…

It doesn’t allow me to mark the box to assign it to myself…I feel like that should be default, though…

I am logged into the lowercase account

I tried that and it is still not working

I at least found where I says that I have purchased it but it won’t let me assign it

It does say that I have product access…

The subscription is assigned to the email you also use for the forum. If you are signing in inside SketchUp, with that email address, it should be working.