Making Solid models in SU for IPad

I am having some issues with making solid models that can be used in conjunction with the subtract tool. I have modeled a wooden vase I am making and did so by measuring the radius of the vase at different heights. From that I produced the profile of the vase and used the follow-me tool to rotate the profile to create the vase. I then smoothed and softened the model and grouped it. It does seem to create a solid object. The second part of the project was to create a model of “staves” arranged in a circle. The shape of the staves were modeled on the profile of the vase, with the aim of positioning the model of the staves on the vase and subtracting the staves from the vase. The end result should be a vase with a series of slots cut through the wall of the vase. I have attached a link to the file (I hope) “SketchUp”. In SU for the Web, there was an “Inspector” tool that I have not been able to find in SU for Ipad. I think that tool was used to create and assess solid models in SU. Is there an equivalent in SU for Ipad? Any help appreciated.

It would help us help you if you share the SketchUp model file so we can see what you’ve got and help you identify why the object isn’t solid.

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No Solid Inspector in iPad, but there is one in the web version, which you can access your trimble connect files from. Not ideal, but a lifesaver for me lately

Untitled 9.skp (362.9 KB)
Here is the file I am working on.

First one has two floating lines in the middle

Middle one, all of the bottom faces are reversed.

That fixes each of them. :slightly_smiling_face:
Your file returned as solids.
Dougd solid.skp (642.7 KB)

Thanks! Not sure how I could find the issues on the first group with Sketchup on the Go and I have no ideas as to how the faces got reversed on the second group. Tried to open the file you sent, but looks like I need a pro version of SU to open it.

That’s strange… I did it on iPad.

I found the first one’s extra lines by turning on x-ray, then they were easy to see.

The second one I saw once I flipped it over.

Not difficult fixes at all.