Model mesh style problems

Let me first say that Im a noob on the desktop version too but if there is anything I can do by using the desktop version to fix things and then send it to ipad, I’ll do it. I used it a few years ago, but now I went with the ipad version.

Here is a video of the problem, its too big for uploading here it says:

Basically, I want the view to be pretty and not distracting. I dont want an endless mesh but I cant find a way to solve it. I looked into styles and all kinds if things ipads dont even support, like rounding the models to lose some mesh.
I see the problem is especially there with items that I imported from the internet or made myself. I needed to upload them to the warehouse to be able to import it to my ipad model. So maybe I can fix them somehow before importing them?

  1. Question:
    Why do the things have so many lines when rotating and then it adjusts when I dont move the screen? Its annoying.

  2. Question:
    Why does it not work for this couch and the table (own models that I downloaded from the manufacturers website) to be displayed just nicely without all the mesh? The only way I can make it work is by turning off all the lines in the whole model, but I want the outer lines for better visability.

  1. Question:
    Why does it not work to pick a color I want for the models? I can only pick from a list of materials that are in the scene it seems.

Answer #1:
When moving a model, SU may not show the materials used to keep the speed up, once you stop moving/rotating, SU will re-generate the materials for all surfaces.

You could avoid this by using a different style which doesn’t display materials while editting?

Answer #2:
When using models from the 3dwarehouse, it all depends on the creator who uploaded/shared a model. Did they cleanup the model or not, did they use specialized extentions or not, did they use thirdparty software or not, did they … etc.

It all depends on what that specific model was ment for, detailed model for closeups or a simple model since it is only visible in the background of the complete model, etc.
If you dislike using a model, try find a better one, edit the first model found or create one yourselve that suits your requirements.

Answer #3:
Without being able to inspecting the model, its hard to determin what the problem could be.
Are the faces on the lowest level colored by ‘default’, is it a dynamic component with fixed color-pallet, or is there another issue?

Normally you should be able to choose between “In Model” or “Materials” material libraries.

I assume you downloaded these models, and that they consist of an insane amount of geometry. When moving (especially from a distance) the iPad is going to have trouble visually resolving a;l the lines until you stop moving.

You could always open the object instances to clean them up. You should actually make this a common practice when using warehouse models, especially on iPad. Tap into them until you get the dotted lines around the object, and and then erase extra/unnecessary geometry for size, or use the smooth or hide options. Each of them do different things to the shadows, so try them both.

As far as colors, you can definitely have more than what you see :wink:


Basics of SketchUp

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Also you could use filters when searching in 3Dwarehouse to avoid high polygon models…


Here’s a quick recording of a workflow for accomplishing in SketchUp for iPad, the global smoothing of edges that @mihai.s demo’d (while using SketchUp for Web).

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So I need to smoothen it in the pc version? Will it stay smooth in the ipad version? Doesnt seem like that.

This would be perfect if it worked, but I dont have these roundness options in the entity info. Seems its only there when I select a wall. It doesnt work with any of the 3d items. Not my own ones and not the ones from store.

Also, selecting things with the lasso often doesn’t select anything at all. What am I doing wrong?

I showed you what to do and how. I used the web version for this, which is similar to the one for the iPad, and MikeTadros confirmed and showed you exactly how it looks and do it on the iPad.

Double-click on the component for editing (or right-click > Edit Component).

The problem is, I don’t have these options in the entity info.

That parallelepiped with blue edges around the sofa indicates that you have selected the group, you need to edit it, as I already told you and select the raw geometry (edges), and then those settings for Smooth and Soft will also appear.

And since you’re on iPad, the options are actually in the lower context menu, not in the entity panel. But everything Mihai.s says is correct.

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