Making a pattern on a tube/circle

this is for a school project and i know a way to do it but it isnt really fast and it would take me a long time. is there a way/plugin to do this quicker?basicly what i want is this patern on a tube.

With TrueBend plugin


Use the plugin from Fredo6 –Thrue Paints.The plugin is free. Download here:
To download plugins, registration is required. It is simple and free. Carefully read the page for installing Fredo6 plugins. Before installing the Fredo6 plugins, you need to install the Fredo6 library! It is important! Fredo6 has a lot of useful plugins and they are completely free. This is one of the best authors of extensions for SketchUp…

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If the pattern is a texture you want to apply to a cylinder, you can use a few plugins: Fredo6 Tools > ThruPaint (as gorshkovmike said), Quad Tools > UV Mapping Tool, or SketchUV.

With ThruPaint