Creating patterns

I am wanting to create some patterned, printed items, such as cell phone cases or a container that will hold pencils, pens or coins, like the image below. I am just wanting to create my shape, then somehow have an extension cut out the patterns for me. If this extensions exists, that would be great. if this is somehting that has to be done by hand, thats great as well. Thanks

Yes you can do this with a plugin (s) and I have seen something similar done a few years ago, I will go and have a look to see if I can find it for you.

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Perfect, thank you much:) I do not know what the process is called so searching for it was difficult for me haha:)

There was a guy who was using the Plugin to create bannisters and coving I just cant remember the name of the Plugin. You can project a pattern and it will slice it out of the surface even if it’s curved etc. Maybe @DaveR knows it was a woodworking Plugin and the original post was on SketchuCation.

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I bet you’re thinking of Flowify. It can be found at Sketchucation.

Aha yes, nice one. I also wanted this for myself! Cheers

@lt72884 this was what I was thinking, thats’s how I would do this anyway.

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great. thank you. i will go and grab it and start messing around with it:) thanks for helping me out with this.


Ok, i got flowify. And if im following, this is the plugin that i can create those above patterns with?


it wont create the patterns, but it will transpose the pattern to a complex surface.
You would need to create the pattern - either in sketchup, or import the line work from elsewhere.

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I’d like to see a better demo of flowify making something like this as I watched the Flowify videos and it didn’t seem very intuitive. I’d be curious as well to see how much faster it is than doing something manually. Here is a copied component to form the pattern around a cylinder and then used FredoScale to taper and bend it. Had to wait a few minutes to process the bends there’s quite a bit of geometry in there.

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