SketchUp Skill Builder Video: Creating Patterns with Components Part 1 & 2

Check out the SketchUp Skill Builder Video: Creating Patterns with Components - Part 1, and Part 2 by our very own SketchUpper and Team Member @TysonK

You can have a lot of fun creating completely unique and repeatable patterns using components in SketchUp.

Skill level: Beginner
Skill developed: Editing components and creating patterns

Please try this Skill Builder and post here and exchange ideas, alternative methods for any given exercise or ask questions.

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Hey All and thanks for taking the time to share cool videos. I had a small issue when using my laptop w/15.5" screen. I had to zoom in close when drawing the first line at the 1:59/2:00 minute mark, but the only way to get the line to appear was to go to X-ray mode also. I have it in Top view with Perspective turned off. Plus I also made sure I was in Shade and show Textures, as he has it highlighted on his screen in video. I did get it on a screen shot while on laptop and the third one is reproduced from my desk top w/ a 42" TV for a monitor. So if you need to zoom in up close. If you include X-ray mode along with the other mentioned Camera // View selections your line work will show up for you. Cool stuff and thanks for the tutorials…Peace…

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Not sure what is going on, the display mode you choose shouldn’t matter, I’m guessing it has little to do with this particular example and more to do with graphics card or glitches. I see this kind of behavior sometimes after doing a bit of screen capture sometimes and simply have to restart to get the video card behaving correctly. Do you see this when working in general or can you re-create this behavior reliably even after re-starting SketchUp?

Hello Tyson been home for a hour and computer has been off since 5:00 AM. It took me a minute to try and get this with the web cam on my laptop. A little bit of a ■■■■■ but it shows what I am trying to explain. When I move the cursor out of sight is when I am clicking on X-ray mode. You see the line shows up. Last night it was doing it when I zoomed in… I thought it had something to do with the camera. Say if you are working up really close on a face and you orbit quickly how you throw yourself way off and have to zoom extends to get back. I am also a novice at best so I am limited as far as what would be the cause. And yes this is happening after a re-start. I went to File > Exit was ask if I wanted to save, clicked no and Opened SU from my task bar and started a new file. Take a look and I have to step out for a bit but will look for a reply when I get back. But as you can see by activating the X-ray mode is when the line started to appear. Will be back…