Graphic Problem with Xray mode, (Sketchup & Layout)

Hi guys, hope you can help here. I know SU2017 have change something about the Xray mode. But I have strange behavior with it. I have a stanchion (show in bright multuiple colour) in a roadcase foam (show in dark gray). When I open the file, the stanchion faces disappear and I can only see its coloured edges. I can repaint them with a different colour and the faces show back up. If I close and reopen SU, this procedure need to be repeated!

In layout, the Xray viewport show differently but the face disappear the same way. When I repaint and resync with LO, the colour get back ok, but disappear next time I reopen SU and resync.

So to make it work, I need to repaint the stanchions everytime I re-open SU!! Looks like a videocard problem? I never had this problem before. I’m using SU since SU8.

THX for your help

video: re-paint in SU
pictures: the viewport in LO
I also shared the skp.
Bug with xraymode.skp (594.4 KB)


Could be a graphics card issue, though NVidia is usually pretty solid. Here’s what I see when I open your skp without doing anything else:

Hum! interesting. My Vcard is a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670.
Is it SU2017 you opened it with?

Yes. SketchUp Pro 2017 on a MacBook Pro Retina, which also uses an Nvidia graphics.

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