Colours only show with X-Ray mode on


I’m working on a floorplan and some colours won’t apply and I only see them when X-ray is on. Other colours do show in normal Edit Style and without X-Ray mode.

To be more clear I’ve attached two screenshots with Xray on an without Xray.

Could some one please help me out? I can’t find any information on this topic on the internet.

Thank you very much.
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well, the best help would be for you to send the file. either drag it in the answer window here, or use wetransfer.

my guess right now would be that if the outside faces are white, the inside face may not be. therefore, using xray makes you see through the non white faces inside. but it’s just a guess.

Hi Ateliernab, Thank you for your quick reply. The file is to big to drag it in the answer window. Could you send me the mail address where I can wetransfer the file to?

Thank you.

… your address will do. we just need a link. :slight_smile:

it can be a google drive link, a dropbox link, wetransfer, smash…

ok, it’s monday morning, I did not expect a 2d drawing, I thought it’ was 3d :smiley:

so yes. you have faces problems. Basically, all your faces, recto and verso, are white. on a white background. then you painted a few grey. but they don’t always show.

When Xray is OFF, you have Zfighting : two faces in two groups are on top of each other, one is white, one is grey, and they both want to be seen. Sketchup picks one.
Capture d’écran 2023-09-18 à 11.18.31

here, the crossed part looks white. but when I orbit around, it’ll look grey.
Capture d’écran 2023-09-18 à 11.18.59

or it’ll look a bit of both. this is a sign of Zfighting.
Capture d’écran 2023-09-18 à 11.19.17

Your problem right now is that you have a white face for the floor. and everything you draw on top of it and apply materials to will fight to be seen.

a simple solution would be to delete the face of your floor :

since you set your background as white, this face has no use. you can actually see the zfighting in the selection.

here is your plan with a yellow background, so you see what I mean by “removing the ground face”. it might actually be better for you to work on a coloured background and only switch to white in the end.

Then, why did it work in Xray ?
Well, in xray, no Zfighting. all faces become translucent, so you have a grey on top of a white, it gives you a light grey.

by the way, the reason why your file was so heavy was this background image. I removed it, if you need it back, open your old file, copy it, then in your new file, choose “paste in place”.

here is the version without the background image and the ground face. it’s now 500ko.
Laarakker.skp (538.9 KB)

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Thank you very much for finding the solution! I am very pleased with it and it makes a lot of sense. Normally I don’t work in Xray mode but I just discovered that when I did I saw the colours again.
To keep my floor I’ve made a group of it and hid it. I will remove the background image.

Thank you again!

A more elegant but a bit more complex solution would be to make your 2D furniture into components and turn their “cut opening” property on.

way too fancy for my monday morning :slight_smile: but yeah. that would be an elegant way of doing it while remaining full 2d