SUP 2024 - Xray no longer in colour

Just wondering if this is right. When using x-ray (short cut X), the model goes straight to black and white losing a lot of definition. Used to just keep colours but increase transparency. Really missing this ability.
Has something changed, am I doing it wrong? Not holding my tongue right?
Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.

Might be your tongue. I haven’t seen that in 2024 myself. Can you share the SketchUp file in which this happens for you?

BTW, please update your forum profile. It says you are using SletchUp 2019.

Donovan (12.9 MB)
Thanks for the help.

This is what I see when I open your model and switch to X-ray.

I note that in your In Model styles you have a Wireframe style.

And an X-ray style.

Oh, brb.

I am struggling to fix this Dave, sorry. Any tips?

First thing I would check is if x is actually taking you to xray. Easy test, Go, View/FaceStyle/Xray and see if you have the same issue.

Yes Box, same effect. Short cut is same.

Next step: update graphics drivers and do a cold reboot.

Hey Dave, drivers are up to date already.
I never had this problem pop up on previous version updates of SUP. Been using it for many years, only self taught.
Not a sage.

There is a new graphics engine in 2024 therefore new issues may appear.
Be sure you have checked your drivers from the manufacturers site and not let windows tell you they are up to date.
You can try switching back to the old graphics to see if that fixes it.
Window/Preferences/Graphics Use Classic graphics

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Thanks Box, I will try that.

Hey Box, that worked perfectly, the bit about “You can try switching back to the old graphics to see if that fixes it. Window/Preferences/Graphics Use Classic graphics”.
I will check GC again as you suggest too. (EDIT: yep, matches manu. website)
Do I give you a tick or love heart or something?

Well you have given me a tick, but that isn’t technically a solution, it just means your graphic card doesn’t work properly with the new graphic engine. Perhaps it will in future updates.

@colin may be able to pass your computer specs on to the correct department as an aid to finding issues.

The tick is because I got a solution for me to use that I wanted, and you showed me how to get it.
I just updated my profile with the current PC specs, built 25 Dec 2023.
Thanks again mate.

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Did you go to the manufacturer’s web site to get the latest driver or is this Windows saying it is up to date?