New machine displaying point clouds unusually


I have just set up a new workstation and have opened a file via Scan Essentials I had been working on previously. I am having a display issue that I haven’t encountered before. I’ve made sure my discreet card is in use and changed anti aliasing settings etc to see if any change.
If I set model to X-Ray then I dont get the ‘competing face’ style issue but I dont want to be working just in X-Ray.

Is anyone able to advise me on this one please? Has anybody encountered this before?

I don’t know how Scan Essentials affects this, but usually this kind of screen artifacts are related to very large model extents. Either your model might be far from the origin point, or it might have parts that are. Or then your camera is looking at the model from the other side of the universe (switching to Perspective might help). Just guessing.

Anssi may be right. Please let me know if your model is far from the origin and if switching to Perspective helps.
Also what is your new graphic card? Have you updated your drivers?

I can try to reproduce the issue if you can share your files here or privately:



Thanks @Anssi and @Jacques.

My card is currently

Origin is close and zoom extents is as so:
(with blending)

without blending:

Direvers are fully updated.
This only happens with external monitors being connected. Tried many different resolutions.

Does it happen on the laptop monitor when an external monitor is connected? Or does it happen only when Sketchup is displayed on an external monitor?

Same Scale for all the monitors? Could you try with 100% for all of them?


My laptops screen resolution is 3840x2400 and 15"
My external monitors resolution is 3480x2160 and 28"

Both are 8-bit and 60Hz

It happens on both monitors when external is connected. I have tried scaling to no avail.
I have tried different display connections to no avail also

*External is 3840x2160 and 28"

I have found that this does not happen if the window is below a certain size on either monitor whilst the external screen is connected

Do you have the issue if you select “Second screen only” (Win + P keys)?


Yes this is still occurring. I am also now experiencing this issue when I disconnect the monitor. Unless the window is small as described above

Hi @aroberts,

I have one more question.
Do you happen to connect to a docking station where your display is also connected?



I have tried with a docking station connection but also direct to laptop, the same thing seems to be happening regardless of connection port

Hi all.

Good news. I have just installed Nvidias New Feature Branch(NFB) Driver and this seems to have fixed the issue.

This has changed driver ver

Version: R515 U1 (516.25) WHQL
Release Date: 2022.5.31
Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 11
Language: English (UK)
File Size: 638.61 MB


Version: 495 U2 (496.49)
Release Date: 2021.10.26
Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 11
Language: English (UK)
File Size: 674.75 MB


That’s good to hear @aroberts !
Thx for reporting back :slight_smile: