Help please, simple pattern

Hi, I’m trying to draw a pattern on a flat sheet (lazer cut steel sheet).
How do I multiply the design over the sheet and pull it out to desired thickness without creating an over crowded model?
Apologies if I’ve posted in the wrong section.

You want to look at creating components and then how to array them.
Using old phone so can’t give links.

Could you share the pattern?

What do you mean by “without creating an over crowded model”?

Have a squint at this.

so I have the first section of pattern in a 250mm x 200mm square and I need to cover a 3150mm x 1170mm area and pull it out 1.6mm in one face…? dose that make sence?.
I’m multiplying my initial patern out in the x and y axis making way too many initial patters…

how do I share a model? I know I’m being thick and missing something so easy here :confused:

In the reply box use the icon seventh from the left or drag and drop the .skp into the reply box.