I've used follow me to create a tube with a bend - how do I texture it seamlessly?


I’ve created a tube with a 180 degree bend. I wish to texture the inside of that tube seamlessly, but as you can see from my attached images, the texture is applied but not seamlessly. It looks ‘disjointed’. How can I remedy this? I used a typical texture provided with Sketchup.

Here’s what I did to create the tube and bend…

1.Used the ‘2 point arc’ tool to create a path
2. Used the ‘Polygon’ tool to create a 36 sided flat circle.
3. Used the ‘follow me’ tool to make the flat circle follow the arc, creating a tube
4. Remove the solid front and rear faces of the tube

Any help would be appreciated, thanks

Fredo Tools ThruPaint or SketchUV.

Thank you very much. I used ThruPaint and this worked immediately.

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