Making a 2d floor plan on the blue axis

Hi, I made a floor plan of an office building using parallel projection / top view. some of the lines appear jagged in layout. I turned on styles / color / by axis and see that my lines aren’t on the same plan.
A. How do I stop this from happening?
B. How do I fix this drawing without starting from scratch?

It would be helpful if you upload the LayOut file so we can see what you are seeing and give you some direct guidance.

Hi Dave, Here’s the layout file but I think it’s in the model itself.21333 oxnard 1.layout (478.4 KB)

The LayOut file contains the .skp file so I’ll be able to look at both.

You are correct that the model is drawn off-axis. If it were on axis, the x-values would be the same top and bottom and the y-values would be the same left to right.

It’s easily fixed by selecting all of the geometry and then rotating it so an edge is on axis.

sorry. I fumbled around a bit just trying to get the On Red Axis message to show in the GIF.


This worked, but it’s taking some clean up. Thanks!

Can you tell me how to avoid it happening in the future drawings?

What that you are drawing edges on axis. You might find it easier to work if you turn off Length Snapping in Window>Model Info>Units and if you use the Rectangle tool instead of the Line tool as much as possible. With practice you should find it more difficult to draw edges slightly off-axis than on- axis.

What needs cleaning up?

most of them are red or green, but some of the lines are still black. I suspect, the drawing got off at some point and the ones that are still black were drawn later.

It may just be easier to redraw it correctly, then.

Use the arrow keys to force direction.


It is possible to draw your plan in Layout and bring it into Sketchup, which is sort of backwards but can be done now.

• The Axes steer the Inference Engine
• The Inference Engine steers the Tools
Inference Locking puts the Tools on rails

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