Make crashing randomly every few hours


Hi, My client is a sketchup make user and on this one pc it crashes out a few times a day completely randomly

Only way i have found to resolve the problem is to completely reinstall sketchup

tried older versions as well as 32 & 64 bit

machine is running eset

Intel gfx card + an ATI i think

ive had them submit a bug report so hopefully we can track down a cause


So it is resolved?

The Windows drivers for integrated Intel chips sometimes have problems. Generally you should make sure you have the latest driver version, because graphics chips (of any vendor) are usually shipped with early incomplete drivers.

In your case you certainly prefer to use the dedicated ATI card for 3d tasks like SketchUp. Check the ATI driver settings that it switches to the dedicated card when SketchUp is started.


If you post some identifying information from the crash report: user name, email address, or crash report number, I can look it up in our database to help identify the problem.



Thanks - no its not resolved - I’ve already checked with the windows update drives - will check manufacturers site too - you should be able to find the crash report from my email address on this forum


I don’t actually know how to see your email address in your forum profile, but maybe you can share that info with me at