Sketchup crashes EVERY TIME I open it BRAND NEW INSTALL

I have a number of crash reports because Sketchup WILL NOT run AT ALL!!!

Crash reports include Crash Report #382215, Crash Report #382216, Crash Report #382218 and dozens more!!! IT NEVER ran NOT EVEN ONCE on this machine!!! fairly new Windows 7 install. Please help me fix

Ah, it’s crashing on your ATI graphics card. Search forums for crash on load, and how to work around this. First guess: update your video card driver.


I don’t need a video card update. I installed the latest not even a month ago when I installed the OS. Any other brilliant ideas?

You asked for help, and Barry’s diagnosis of your crash reports is exact. Start your trouble-shooting with this article, and then expand to the list of “related articles” in the sidebar.
How can I update my computer’s graphics driver

You’re also running SketchUp 2014, so if upgrading to 2015 is an option I’d recommend trying that.



Getting files from the Su servers to you machine is not as straight forward as you think. Even though you just loaded the new drivers it is not 100% certain it came in error free plus the fact they can be old to start with and suppliers could make changes anytime. That is even true of the Su program its self even thought Trimble probably does a check on the loaded file integrity at the end of the download. During some Google days they would publish the check codes but have not seen that done for a long time.
The folks trying to help have lots of back ground and IMHO you should listen.

Compliment to @Marc for the helpful and friendly answer to this question…


ATI/AMD drivers are a bit sub-par compared to NVIDIA drivers. Some required function calls are probably missing. Keep checking for updates at the AMD site.


Maybe you can try to buy a good grapic card-keyboard bundle?

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It’s pretty safe to say that if your graphic card isn’t working, a newer version of SU won’t fix that.
It is a hardware limitation that is well documented.

Try older drivers - some worked fine.

You profile shows you have SU 32 but but some post indicate 64 bit. Windows 7 can run either 32 or 64 bit apps but the 64 version does require 64 drivers. Are you using 64 ATI drivers?

Windows 7 comes in two different flavours, 64 and 32-bit. Only the 64-bit version can run both 64 and 32-bit applications.


Everyone with this problem should also try using “Windows Basic Graphic driver” , the updated Intel driver turned out to be my problem, maybe the next update will work with SU.

setup routines typically do a CRC launching the installation sothat download errors are detected and the setup won’t run if corrupt, i.e. if the setup runs everything is fine in this area.

you may want use our free support tool ‘OpenGL Config’ tool for disabling the OpenGL hardware acceleration setting of SU your ATI grahphics card (driver) is obviously incompatible to (download to desktop > launch).

no spyware/malware/adware of course.

btw, which ATI graphics adapter?

CRC ( cyclic redundancy check ) codes are relative low capability and are usually run on/ at the packet level. If error is found a retransmit request is sent and the program will bakup a certain number of packets and re -run. With size of todays downloads even then the probability of error can be higher than desired so usually total loads are check by MD5 etc. Even those are just error checking codes. They are not perfect and undetected / uncorrectable errors can occur. There is no assurance data received always travels the same path on different downloads of same file . If you have problems it is always good idea to try again, try different mirror sites or even do down load late at night.

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