Sketchup Pro 2015 frequent crashes


One of our user’s Sketchup Pro 2015 crashes with some frequency.
I have tried contacting Sketchup technical support through the form on their website but we’re more than a month later now and there has been no response.

The user’s laptop works fine otherwise and we havent detected any abnormal CPU or RAM utilization during the use of Sketchup. The laptop’s self diagnostics also came up clean.

This is a Dell Latitude E5540 with 8GB RAM running Windows 7 with all latest updates.
You can download the Sketchup undo logs and crash dumps from this link:

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this?

Have you submitted BugSplats to Trimble, labelled with contact info so they can identify you?

I can’t read your crash dumps (I’m on a Mac), but the logs indicate you are using an Intel integrated graphics 4400 GPU. There have been many reports of problems with these chipsets. Try disabling hardware acceleration in the SketchUp options and see if the problem goes away (performance will suffer, but no more crashes is proof of where the problem lies). If so, your best course is probably to install a separate graphics card. NVidia seems to have the fewest issues with SketchUp.


Another potential workaround may lie in removing the 64-bit version of SU (if this is what is being used now), and replace it with the 32-bit version. Earlier this spring it was discovered that some Intel integrated graphics adapter issues could be addressed by doing this.

Refer to the following url for more info.


Alright, thanks. We will try that.

Sometimes, little programs are responsible for crash. To clear this doubt, check all your system whetaher there is any program or not which is responsible for the issue. If yes, then clear it immediately. If there is program behind it then read crash troubleshoot section given in Dell Latitude E5540 Manual.Good Luck.