Make Component takes minutes first time, quick thereafter

The first time I right click a group of objects and select “Make component” it takes ages. After that Make Component is instantaneous every other time I use it.
This is the case after I first open a SketchUp model, or start working on a model that has been minimized for a long time. I get the blue spinning circle for between 1 and 2 minutes and must wait.
It happens on all reasonably big models.
I’ve tried disabling all plugins via ruby console and this does not help.

Is this normal?

It happens to me too. I have around 150 200 unique components.I am not sure if it is because of the great number or something else.

In a new document it saves almost instantly but in a model with about 160 components it saves in about 4-5 seconds- but just the first save, after that it saves almost instantly.

This implies memory limitations. The system taking time to swap memory to and from it’s swap file.


What is your system RAM ?

Do you have any other major application running when you use SketchUp ?

Do you stream music from the internet / play music using a media player on the machine at the same time you use SketchUp ?

Also, your profile says you are on SketchUp 2013 ? (This is no longer a supported version.)

I have a powerful PC with 24GB ram.
I usually have a few things running, but I checked and its the same even if I close down everything except SketchUp.
I’m stuck on SketchUp 2013 as I use a space navigator and it I can’t use it with newer SketchUp’s due to reason here


That is unfortunate. SU2013 is 32-bit which has a (~3GB) limit for each process. When you can get up and running on SU2015 or higher, 64-bit, your limit should be upward of 8GB.

Not to mention SU2014+ runs Ruby 2.0 which is much faster than Ruby 1.8. Add in 3 years of improvements, etc.

I’ll just use a generic 3-button mouse, and stay away from the 3dconnexion porducts.