'Purge Unused' bug?

Alright we all know that purging all of our unused stuff is a great thing; Makes everything nice and cozy.

But lets say I’m working within a model (and granted its a huge model. huge. lots of poly’s) and I forget to purge until the very end. I go to purge and it just times out. The screen grey’s out and the whirlpool loading circle eyes you down. For hours. Is it just my computer that can’t handle the massive workload it takes to go through everything? Or is this something that is up with the program. I tend to lean to the computer not having enough juice but I just want to make sure.

On the same token, in that same model, I go to make a new component (first created component since file was opened) and it freezes that way too. Is sketchup running through every component or something? Why is it thinking so much? IF it goes through and the component is made, then when I go to make a different component (not a copy) it has zero problem. It’s always the first component made after the file has opened that it struggles severely.

It could be as simple as your “graphic’s card is garbage” and that’s that. I would just like some confirmation.

Windows 7 Professional
nVidia Quadro K620
24GB Ram

Essentially, I would first add a couple of cabinets into a new model. Then I would create a rectangle and push pull it into a cube. So far so good. I could then select the cube and turn it into a group - no problem. But - when I went to turn it into a component Sketchup would freeze up for what seems an unreasonable amount of time (in actuality just a couple of minutes).

I spent way too much time trying to determine where in my code that I was creating a situation that was causing Sketchup to slow down to a crawl. Interestingly I could repeat the scenario again and again.

Then somehow I got this bright idea to update my nVidia graphics card driver. And the problem simply disappeared !!

This has for me become a ritual to be performed every time SketchUp (or Archicad, too) displays any kind of problem.

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