Purge components

How can purge components when all I get is NOT RESPONDING when trying to view

What did you do just before you got the “Not responding” message?

hit component button, then view in model

Component button?

What happens if you quit SketchUp, reopen the file and immediately try to purge unused components?

That’s the problem. I don’t see a purge unless I try to view components in model , which then it runs for a bit, the NOT RE

Try purging under Window>Model Info>Statistics instead.

Maybe you just need to give it some time. Is the file large?

What version of SketchUp and what operating system? Please complete your profile.

DaveR Hey that worked Great. Did not realize you could purge that way. Huge difference in file size. Thank you

That purge option also purges unused materials, styles, layers and so on. Sort of a one-stop-shop. I use TIG’s Purge All plugin (from Sketchucation) because it gives a report of how much stuff was purged. A keyboard shortcut to run it makes it quick and easy to use.

If there is a lot of data for components, opening component dialogue can cause “Not responding” as it needs to populate all the data listed. I previously have waited nearly 30min before it kicked back in.

I use Shift+0. What do you use?

Alt+P for TIG’s Purge All.