Make blueprints or vector drawings to use as a base for Sketchup 3D modeling

What can I use to create 2D vector drawings or blueprints of objects, vehicles etc. (example: to be used as a base for 3D modeling in Sketchup?

I tried to do the drawing in adobe illustrator and exporting the file in .dwg format, but the difficulty is to make the faces of the drawing perfectly correspond.

You can work directly in SketchUp:

But I need also to do the 2D base drawing not only the 3D model.
Could I do all the work in SketchUp?

What are you starting from? It is perfectly possible to create a 3D model directly with no 2D drawings to start from. And you can export 2D drawings from a finished 3D model. If, on the other hand, you already have 2D blueprints of your intended object, you can import them either in an image or DWG/DXF format (Pro) to use as guides when modelling.

See this example of modeling from imported images.

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You can use corel draw or inkscape for making vector drawings.


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