Make all lines on the same plane



I am trying to fix a model I downloaded. The problem is that all the line are not on the same plane.
Is there a way to make that happen in SU?
grill.skp (1.4 MB)


Check this thread, especially the last post.


I opened your file in SketchUp Pro. Then I

  • selected the top view
  • switched the display style to wireframe
  • switched to parallel projection
  • exported the 2D view as a DWG file
  • imported the DWG back into a new SketchUp file
    grill2.skp (230.1 KB)


Thanks Anssi - I only have SU Make so I can’t do that.
Easy to fix when everything is flat.
simoncbevans link will take me a while to figure out for the next time.


Another possibility would be a draping (sandbox tools) to a face under your geometry, but there are some problems with your edges that should be resolved before you will be able to get separated faces.



vector extrude lines through a plane, then intersect

here’s the plugin:


I’ve had success with this plugin: