Make a selection into individual components?

Hi there! I have zero expertise with SketchUp plugins and tools, but I need to create a slum context and I’m short on time. I was wondering if there is a plugin available for creating components from an entire selection of objects. In this case, I have these boxes, which are already groups but not components. The plugin I was planning to use was DROPCG to place them into a mesh, but they won’t be dropped if they’re not components with an axis. So, I have to make them all components with an axis one by one, and I think even if I installed Drop CG, it would take me an entire lifetime to use it :frowning:

any ideas or suggestions will be much appreciated! thanks

S4U components and selection toys have that feature, as long as the group copies are still instances.

DropGC extension

Drop selected groups/components onto geometry below.

Select the items to drop, then either:

  • right-click and select DropGC from the context menu
  • click on Plugins>DropGC
  • click on the Smustard Toolbar icon for DropGC

Items will be dropped onto visible geometry directly beneath the origin point. If there is no geometry beneath the item’s origin point, the item will not be affected.

DropGC with Groups

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Hey, I’ve downloaded but it seem it doesn’t work or I’m not using correctly. :frowning: is it this the option you mean?
selection toys|690x486

I’ve tried that but it doesn’t work, the only way it works is making them components with axis, do you think it is because i didn’t make the terrain with sandbox tool? (i took the mesh from cadmapper and then i used toposhaper after) or my version of sketchup? i will try with another mesh made with sandbox tool!

Are you using the cracked version of SU21?

I’m using 21

With a crack code?