Select geometry that is not touching, make into multiple separate groups

I had a group of components imported from AutoCAD. I needed to drop them onto a tapered roof using DropGC, but it wouldn’t work on them! So I decided to explode one and group it, then DropGC worked! So I blew them all up, but now I need to re-group them all and drop them all. This is quite tedious, is there a way to select them all and somehow make them all groups? :upside_down_face:

I have set up a macro using my space mouse to kind of speed up the process of doing it the tedious way, which will:

Select all connected (Ctrl+/)
Make Group (Ctrl+G)
DropGC (Ctrl+F)
bandicam 2022-04-18 16-49-01-084

So the process is reduced to Click, Hit 12 on the SpaceMouse.
Click, 12… Click, 12… Click, 12… Click, 12… Click, 12… Click, 12… … etcetera ad nauseum.

Can anyone help me? There’s like… idk, a BUNCH of em’.

Tang BLDG 402.skp (2.7 MB)

Chris fullmer’s Loose to Groups.


:astonished: You never cease to amaze me. I’ll go try it!

It works! Awesome!

I use loose to groups quite a bit. Definitely the best plugin for this that I know of.

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Worked great, thanks @TIG for correcting my terrible spelling!

Loose to Components?

You want Groups to Components after loose to groups.

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