MacBook Air delete key in Windows Bootcamp version of SketchUp & step size with side steps

How do we set the step size? My side steps are huge :frowning:
Please also make it so the back and forward delete both delete items. My MacBook Air only has a backspace key for delete so pushing the function key and delete (back) to forward delete stuff sucks as it is impossible to stretch my hand that far. By adding the setting to delete with both forward and back delete and nothing else would be affected. Please fix SketchUp with this small option or update. All the other setting would be the same on the keyboard. Just remember Mac users have to press function with the delete key making some combinations impossible with one hand.

What step size are you talking about?

As for Delete, you can set your own keyboard shortcut for it and you wouldn’t have to wait for a new feature to be implemented.

The backspace can’t be set for some reason. The function key isn’t showing up either :frowning:

If I’m using the walk tool with the arrow keys on the keyboard and trying to move a bit to the right or left.