Can't assign backspace as shortcut key for edit/delete

Im on a new laptop with different new keyboard configuration and its not very ergonomic to use the delete key.

When I try to asign ‘backspace’ for edit/delete I get
“Key cannot be used as a shortcut dialogue”

Windows 10.

Any thoughts. Cheers.

  • You can’t use shortcuts that your operating system has reserved. If a shortcut is unavailable, SketchUp lets you know.

…So: That’s it. :blush:

Yeah I assumed that might be the case. What confused me is that the ‘delete’ key is obviously assigned to edit/delete by default but if I remove this assignment with the “-” button sketchup prevents me adding it again. (Perhaps for the same reasons mentioned above) I have to cancel the shortcut alterations so that it doesn’t save the changes with no keys assigned to edit/delete. So I assumed there was something going wrong with assigning edit/delete.

I expect if you remove that shortcut, close SketchUp and restart, it’ll be back.