Assigned shortcut, now want to remove it

I’m using the web version of Sketchup.

I assigned a shortcut to “Top View”, but now I don’t want a shortcut for it anymore. I can’t see how to remove the shortcut I assigned. Searched all over the place, but I’m not finding any information on how to do anything but assign/reassign. All help is appreciated.

I’ve read through that already. It says nothing about deleting shortcuts, only assigning/reassigning.

okay how about resetting all, via the doggy? shortcuts,
then assigning any other changes again?

Is it that important to delete the shortcut, but rather assign another tool with it?

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For me, it is important to know how to remove them. Thank you for your reply. That works perfect for me.

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go to Edit menu, then Preferences, then Keymap

No such option for SketchUp for Web.