Ghost shortcut

So, I made a shortcut for an extension that I uninstalled.
I want to replace it but I can’t because I am told it’s already in use.
I can’t unassign it because that extension isn’t on my computer anymore, so I can’t find it in Window>Preferences>Shortcuts.
What do I do?

Normally the message would tell you the shortcut is currently assigned to xxxx and ask if you want to change it. What exactly does the message show when you try to change the shortcut?

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Your post turned the lights on for me… Thanks, Dave.

A bit more background…

I was using Lord of the toolbars and wanted to assign The V key to a favorite palette that I had named “view” and I couldn’t do that because I previously had it set up to activate the curic pie menu “view”. Yet I also couldn’t find this command, because I uninstalled curic pie menu. I was attempting to use the LOTT native shortcut function to add it.


So I ended up just assigning the shortcut somewhere else, and then taking it off, freeing it up for use with Lord of the toolbars.