Can't get a shortcut assigned

I assign a keystroke combination for a new shortcut (in component edit/toggle the hide/display the rest of the model). System doesn’t display if a different function has been assigned to that combination and doesn’t keep what I assigned to it. Any help out there?

It is View/Component Edit/Hide Rest Of Model that you can assign to a key to toggle the option on/off, not something else like edit/toggle.
And you’ll only see this shortcut option when a component is selected.
Did you hit the +sign to confirm _‘Assigned’, and then OK ?

not sure what I was doing wrong, but after the 5th try, got that shortcut assigned and it works. Interesting, “H” is assigned to “dolly view” and I don’t even see that in the list of commands. Thanks, Gail

Should be in the list as ‘selectDollyTool’

DollyTool is the original name for Pan…


Ah yes, it shows as “Camera/Pan” even though it is really selectDollyTool!

Edit: Tools that are wired into menus show as “paths” through the menu system, so since Pan (dolly) is in the Camera menu, in the shortcuts edit window it shows up as “Camera/Pan”. Similarly, “Draw/Arcs/Arc”.

now your on ‘Page’ or should that be ‘Scene’?


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