Delete Key Not Working in SketchUp Pro after updating

I just updated my Sketchup Pro subscription and downloaded the newest patch (Ver 23.2.340 64-Bit)

after updating, the del key no longer works when working with a model. I believe all of the quick keys are working. checked the Key Binding and it looks like Del Key is bound to Deleting. Oddly, when I type in some text while in sketchup, I can highlight and then hit Del key and it deletes the text.

But when highlighting lines and plans in the model and then hitting Del Key, nothing happens.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Works for me and I also am on Win 10.

Make sure that the modeling area has focus. (Click on empty space after using any of the inspector panels.)

Yeah, everything is in focus when attempting.

It is definitely something with the update, as everything was working fine prior to the update.

I too have lost my delete function. Update 23.1.340 64 bit windows 10. Both number pad delete and hotkey not working. If in edit menu dropdown the hotkey will work but otherwise nothing. Works fine in Layout. I love my delete key please help me get it back.

I’m working on a new machine (paired with an update to the most recent version of Sketchup) and the “delete” key on the number pad won’t delete even when it does successfully delete text.

There is an existing bug report for the various keys that were not working. The known ones were fixed in the 2023.1.3 update, but I have been adding new examples to the bug report. I don’t know yet when the problems will be fixed.

Thanks for the Update Colin. Please keep us up to date as things progress. It is a big headache as I use the delete key regularly. Is there a way to go back an update or two in order to gain access to the del key again?

On some keyboards there is another set of keys, that include home, end, and some others. One of those is another Delete key, and it does still work.

Don’t seem to have that kind of keyboard…

On my notebook those “navigation keys” are above the Numpad.
(But I use a full-sized external keyboard plugged into a USB port.)

Delete key not working in outliner of SU Pro 2023

Also having this problem. On Windows 11, problem started with updating to current version of sketchup pro.

I experienced the same thing. Here is A solution that works.

Install the Windows PowerToys application which can be found here-

Start PowerToys and open the Keyboard Manager window. Here you can remap the Delete key to the Delete (Numpad) key and vice versa. This essentially swaps the keys and will resolve the problem until a permanent patch can be created.

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