SU 2017 Delete Key not responding

I suspect that this has something to do specifically with SketchUp running in Windows 10 on a Mac in BootCamp… as other Windows applications don’t have a problem with the Delete key… but in SU 17 Work, I get nothing, nada when I press the Delete Key.

I’m not sure many users have this problem as a search in this forum topic including the word Delete only turned up 3 results!!!


The Delete key on a Mac keyboard is (if I remember correctly) the equivalent of the Backspace key on a Windows machine. Try holding down the Function key (fn) and pressing Delete.

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… your memory is good! That works… thx.

BUT… and you’re under no obligation to answer this… why is this not the case on other Windows applications that I’ve run on the same machine?!?

thx for the reply!

Honestly, no idea! It is possible that the other programs account for running in a virtual mode (Windows on a mac through Parallels or BootCamp) or something like that…

… more than likely… thx Aaron

@TheOnlyAaron is correct: A Mac keyboard typically has only a single “delete” key and due to some historical arbitrariness, it actually issues the code normally considered to be “backward-delete”, meaning “erase the character to the left of the cursor”. This code is issued by the backspace key on a PC. The Mac keyboard fn+delete issues the code “forward-delete”, meaning “erase the character to the right of the cursor”. This code is issued by the delete key on a PC. The generation of these codes happens in the keyboard hardware and does not change when Windows is launched via bootcamp or within a virtual machine.

So, Windows SketchUp is looking for the “forward-delete” key to erase an entity, not the “backward-delete”. It ignores “backward-delete”.

If you watch closely, I bet the other applications are deleting to the left when you press delete and to the right when you press fn+delete!

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… got it… thank you gentlemen… appreciate the detailed feedback!
fn+Delete it is!