Delete with Backspace Hotkey

Just bought a PC. Been a Mac user for the last decade. Trying to adjust to using the new OS.

When I use SketchUp on my mac, I select something and hit “delete” (aka the backspace button) on my keyboard and it erases the selected.

When I do the same in Windows, nothing happens. When I try to program the delete/backspace button in the hotkey settings under preferences, I get the following message:

Not sure if it matters, but I’m using my Apple Magic Keyboard w Numberpad as my keyboard on my Windows computer.

My ultimate objective is to be able to erase something in two steps:

  1. select the item to be erased w the LMB
  2. hit the backspace key

I assume this is possible on Windows, since it’s what I’ve been doing on Mac for years. Maybe I’m missing something obvious

On the PC, Backspace and Delete are two different keys.

If you’re going to use the Windows version, it makes sense to use a Windows style keyboard.


Yeah, you’re prolly right, but I sorta spent all my money on this PC so the magic keyboard is sorta what I have available atm.

Is there a way to delete w the backspace button for the time being?

It’s the same on the Mac. Backspace key erases the character to the left of the cursor and delete key erases the character to the right of the cursor.

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Oh, wow never even seen that second delete key before. It actually does what I was looking for. For what it’s worth there’s TWO delete keys on the full magic keyboard.

The big one is the equivalent of backspace. The second one is the equivalent of Delete.

The normal magic keyboard (which is smaller and lacks a keypad and several other keys) only has the “backspace” delete button

The same thing comes up when running SketchUp in Parallels. fn-delete works the same as the PC Delete key.

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Look to eBay for a new or used Dell Model L100 USB Wired 104-Keyboard
If you try really hard, you might be able to spend $40 delivered on a shiny new one.
Half that amount for a nice used L100.

I managed to spend almost 90 Euros on a keyboard but to be honest, I could do very well with a 15 € one.

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