Mac Version will not import Aluvision parts into the model

The sketchup Mac Version 19.1.173 will not import Aluvision parts into a new model. Everytime when I try to do this the program stops and it needs to be restartet.
Any Idea?

Can you post an example of the Aluvision part that you try to import?

What type of file are you trying to import? As @MikeWayzovski said, it will be easiest to figure out it f you can share a model. I cannot think of any changes made to 2019 as far as importing goes… are you importing via an extension?

What actually happens when you say it stops?
Does it crash and bugsplat?
Does it just close?
Does it say not responding and you force quit without waiting for it to finish importing?
Does it appear to freeze and you can’t click anywhere and you have to force quit?
Do you have more than one monitor or have changed your monitor setup at any stage?

Hi there,

I believe you are using the Aluvision for Sketchup extension ( which allows you to open Aluvision’s 3d warehouse directly from the extension’s toolbar, and, from that dialog, to download aluvision parts. Is that correct?

I was wondering what version of the extension you are using? There has been an update a few days ago that has been released specifically to fix this issue.

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