Mac v2019 Mojave Resolution of Edges and Hidden Geometry

In v2019 recently my screen view for hidden geometry has become a little coarse.

Here is a view as seen from copies of the same file. One is SU 8 one is 2019. SU 2019 is coarser looking.

And another shot. Look at how the plugin dialog appears. It takes up much more of the screen than before–about an inch high. 30" Screen resolution is 2048 x 1280.

I am trying different OpenGL settings but no luck so far. This is the same on different monitors, including built-in laptop Retina screen.

I’m not the only one to have this. Is this the look for new SU 2019 for Mac?. (I’d go back to 2016 but it crashes on Mojave.)

As far as I know, SketchUp 2016 [Pro and Make] was the last version for the Mac that rendered edges as single-pixel lines on a high-resolution screen (such as an iMac 5K). I continue to use 2016 for that very reason, because I prefer the very fine visual lines.

I’m running SketchUp 2016 Pro (v16.1.2418) on an iMac 5K with Mojave, FYI. Works fine for me.

Thanks. I am having varying results. Yesterday the screen looked right (or just as good as v. 8) and the plugin dialog was smaller. So I don’t know what’s up. Not unusual for me.

Regarding the dialog box UIs displayed by various extensions, I should have mentioned the following: in my experience, some extensions (such as the fabulous ones from @Fredo6) produce dialog boxes that are tiny on my 5K display with SketchUp 2016. This is a result of SketchUp 2016 not really being concerned with the resolution of the display, combined with whatever techniques are used by the extension to draw its UI. Starting with SketchUp 2017, the program takes more notice of the display resolution. This has the benefit of causing extension dialog boxes to be “normal” size on a 5K display, but it has the detriment of causing edges and guidelines drawn in the SketchUp viewport to be a few pixels thick.

My personal choice is to live with tiny extension dialog boxes, so that I can have very fine edges in the viewport. Ergo, I still use 2016 for almost all of my work (even though I have licenses for 2017, 2018, and 2019).

Fredo has done some work on his dialogs to address the Mac display issues. I think it was more problematic in the past. What I saw was something new. Now the boxes are medium size (at some point I just keep my head down and keep working—can’t solve everything).

I should research getting 2016 working again. My main collegue is on 2016 and it’s a hassle, as we exchange multiple files daily.