IMac 5k barely shows lines

When I attempt to use sketch up make and or the tutorials, I can barely see the lines on my recent model iMac 5K. Faces show up apparently normally. Same thing on my MacBook Pro, both running most recent systems. Coincidentally, sketchup school videos have the same problem. When I signed in on my older iMac, 2010, no such problem, normal display. Has anyone experienced this and have a solution? I don’t want to buy Sketchup pro and have this problem. There is reference to using Silverlight on the website, but I don’t believe that works on Macs any more? Thank to the community for any help they can offer.
Additional information: I don’t see this problem on my iPads, but of course I can’t run sketch up itself on them.

SketchUp’s support for very-high dpi displays is still somewhat a work in progress, with remaining issues such as you describe. The view may look better if you use a scaled resolution. Hopefully SU 2018 will bring further improvements in this area (which affects Windows as well).


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