2017 Sketchup Pro resolution on my iMac


I have Sketchup Pro and use it religiously. I just updated to 2017 and find the graphics courser and less precise (in my minds eye) Is this a setting or have you changed things to accommodate other issues? I’m including a snapshot of 2016 on the left and 2017 on the right. I’m on an iMac 27" using Sierra OS. I’ve attached a snapshot to compare the same image on 2016 vs 2017. src="/uploads/default/original/3X/d/1/d199d008f185da7af30f57045b4154ebde38dc60.png" width=“690” height=“266”>


Calling. :wink:


Lines are thicker now, and also the previous versions supported antialiasing, the new one doesn’t. I don’t know why they dropped it.

Your picture doesn’t really show the worse case either, try looking at lines that are not 45 or 90 degrees.


I heartily agree with the original poster that SketchUp 2017 looks rather terrible on a high-DPI display. For now I’m continuing to use SketchUp Pro 2016 on my iMac 5K Retina system. SU 2016 is far superior (especially for dense geometry). I hope that an update may be provided for 2017 that allows user control of line thickness, inference-icon size, etc. so that a high-DPI display uses its crisp resolution, as in SU 2016.