2017 Retina display on mac?


Hello everyone,

I’m little disappointing about the retina aspect on new 2017 Sketchup pro version on Mac OS
Here two screenshot, first one on the new 2017 et second on 2015 version
Both version doesn’t look like the same… 2015 has a better aspect, dont you think ?
Somebody have the same problem ? I’have already try the seating Open GL, fast and best… nothing change…

Thanks in advance of shearing your expérience and solutions to that… !


SketchUp 2017 on mac doesn’t support anti-aliasing :frowning: yet?
On previous version you could enable anti-aliasiong on mac (not true the UI, but it worked)


Thanks for your answer, I see on an other topic that issue is link to the antialiasing (1 to 4) by default is 1…
Also now Sketchup need a computer with an accelerating CPU, So a Nvidia Ge force 750M is not enough ?
Maybe that issue will be fix with Sierra on Mac Os with an update of Sketchup 2017 ?


All we can say for certain is that there have been numerous complaints from users of Retina Macs that the changes to address high-dpi screens in SU 2017 were not what people wanted. Time will tell whether Trimble does anything to respond…

And my Nvidia GeForce GT 650M works just fine with SketchUp.


I definitely agree that SketchUp 2017’s handling of my iMac’s 5K Retina display is very disappointing, horrid low-resolution look to the nice high-resolution display. For now I’m continuing to use SU 2016. I absolutely love the crisp clear and super-detailed look of a complex model on the 5K display in SU 2016.

SU 2017 looks 10 years old.


Using the Ruby console in 2016 to do this:


does work. You have to restart SketchUp to see the better antialiasing. Trying the same in 2017 reports back that it has changed, but quitting and restarting doesn’t make the antialiasing show up. Typing Test.get_AA_method reports that it is now on 4, but there definitely isn’t any antialiasing.


I tried this too on 2017, and nothing change… Hope the developers will find a solution for that :slight_smile:
By the way that kind of release is automatically show in the update menu ? Or we have to download Sketchup again ?


When there is an update you would get told about it when you next open SketchUp. There is also “Check for Update” (used to be Check Web for Update) in the SketchUp menu, if you want to check manually.


I have used the Ruby console Test.set_AA_method(4) since 2013 which works great. The 2017 version has been a real disappointment so far everything just looks ■■■■ and there is also a major problem with the way scenes work with Layout which breaks my workflow. So far I am happy I haven’t renewed my maintenance subscription and don’t think I will be.