Difference in graphics between Sketchup15 and Sketchup 17

I am a sketchup pro 15 user. I tried 17 and attaching screen shot of the same template file with same settings ( left is 15 right is 17) - Why is the graphics so different? 17 looks so choppy on the same screen!
I wanted to move to 17 but graphics looks so bad! Any solution to this?
Mac book pro on Sierra 12.2.3

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SU2017 has a new graphics engine. The question has been raised, and answered a number of times, if you require more detailed feedback I suggest you search / browse the forums a little.

If you’re on OSX Sierra I would rather hold off upgrading for now, if I were you, since I’ve seen a number of problems attributed to Sierra with SU2017.

No solution, they disabled the anti aliasing setting on mac due to problems with the new graphic engine. :frowning:
There als also changes with the line thickness, but you can correct these in your style settings.

Thanks for the advice. My problem is that i am not able to use layout 15 now because it crashes with leader texts and that is not yet solved even after the sierra 12.2.3 update. :frowning:

There are numerous threads on this topic already. The SketchUp team is working on a work around solution but the problem was traced to graphics drivers for installed with Sierra that affects some graphics cards. It appears the real fix will have to come from Apple and the makers of the graphics drivers.

SketchUp/LayOut 2015 is not compatible with Sierra. It’s doubtful that will ever change. It was released long before Sierra.

It’s a lousy situation. Hopefully Apple will provide a fix although the recent update they pushed seems to not include it.

It might be a good lesson to keep up to date on SketchUp versions. SU/LO2016 got a maintenance release late in its cycle to make it compatible with Sierra.

Keeping up to date is a dilemma on mac today. SU2016 graphics are superior on mac because SU2017 doesn’t support Anti Aliasing, but SU2016 LayOut crashes a lot on Sierra. At this moment I use SketchUp 2016 in combination with LayOut 2017

SketchUp 2016…

SketchUp 2017…

There was a sierra version which had no conflict with layout 15. I think it was 10.12.1. I am panning for a clean install with sierra 10.12.1 let me try. Not going to upgrade to 17 till issues are resolved.

Using sketchup 18 now. Its still the same :frowning_face:

Is LayOut/SketchUp crashing? Are you using Sierra or have you upgraded to High Sierra?