Antialiasing option not available for 2017 version for Macbook pro 16" 2020

Anyone using Macbook catalina? I’m currently using Macbook pro 16" 2020 and 2017 version of sketchup don’t seem to have antialiasing in the openGL. HELP…

From memory, I think you had to set AA in the ruby console on 2017 (early) Mac version… it’s on these forums somewhere.

There were one or two versions of SketchUp on Mac that made it impossible to turn on antialiasing. Looks like 2017 was one of those.

Pre-2017 Test.set_AA_method(4) used to work, but reportedly it does not do anything with 2017 on Mac.

ah, thats probably one of the reasons why I skipped 2017.

@bifterx @colin @slbaumgartner Thank you.