13.3" Macbook Pro M1 + Sketchup Viewer 2022 = No antialiasing

G’day Sketchuppers.

Please excuse me if this has been covered in another thread. I had a quick dig but couldn’t find any definitive answers.

Recently I installed Sketchup Viewer 2022 on a 13.3” MacBook Pro 17,1 (Big Sur, M1 Chip, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640) so our principle interior designer could present to clients on site. I loaded a S.U. kitchen model and noticed some seriously loud jagged lines on the Macbook display. When I connect our office’s 25” Dell Display (2560x1440 res) to this machine and view the model, the jagged lines are so pronounced it is distracting.

I’m aware of the antialiasing and OpenGL settings in Sketchup Pro which I use to model on an old 15” 2015 Macbook Pro (NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M) and so I instinctively went hunting for the same settings in S.U. Viewer. Alas, these options do not appear to be available.

So my question; is the Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 GPU on the 13.3” MacBook Pro so under specified that it can’t perform basic antialiasing? Is there some setting in the Mac System Prefs I am missing?

Any advice is appreciated.


All M1 Macs use the GPU that is part of the M1 SOC (system on chip); there is no Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 GPU on your MacBookPro 17,1. However, the SketchUp viewer, unlike the desktop SketchUp Pro, does not provide any preferences settings so you can’t tweak anti-aliasing. But normally on a retina display you don’t need to. Is the model perhaps located a large distance from the origin? That can cause display issues.