Mac to PC Question

Hello All. I was a former Mac user but I am a new company now, so I’m on an HP. The differences are minor, but enough really flow one’s work flow off.

My question is about the paint bucket menu. I used to apply a texture, resize it, sample it, and apply that texture where i need it. For example, certain wood surfaces would receive the grain in the correct direction, but would need to be rescaled. I would scale it, sample it, and then color the other surfaces that had received the texture with the grain going the opposite direction. Now, nothing happens with i paint the other surfaces.

Any guidance would be appreciated.


Can you share a sample SKP file in which this happens?

Do you frequently have to rescale woodgrain textures? Why aren’t they at the correct size to begin with? Just curious since I 've made lots of wood grain materials and they are always the correct size from the moment I add them to SketchUp.

Are you painting the component or group or painting the actual faces inside the group?

I’ve had some glitches with the Mac materials palette - I’ve often done ‘Make Unique Texture’ after I’ve edited it and gave it a new name and been good to go.

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