Lowering the brightness of the UI

I do alot of my modeling at night after work and i am curious to know if there is a way to make the UI a more grey color rather than white? just needs a subtle change, not to drastic.

if not, thats cool. thanks

Why not just reduce the brightness of the display?

You could change the background color in the style if you want.

i do adjust the display as well. The contrast between my grey background and the white trips my eyes up. I dont remeber there being a dark theme for SU, which i dont really need since i can make my own dark style:) its just trying to make the UI match the style a little more.

here is my current style. when you say background, your referring to the drawing space background correct?

Yes. I was referring to the style.

There isn’t a dark mode although it has been requested in the past. Maybe one day.

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thats cool. The darker background does tone out some of the brightness. not to big of a deal but sometimes it causes my eyes to want to focus elsewhere haha.

i found an old post of yours in sketchucation where you somehow managed to change the UI color but like you say in the post, its a “work around” haha

In older versions of Windows you could change the UI settings but I don’t know that it’s available in Win 10.