SU 2018 Pro; problem with white lines

I fixed this problem in SU 2017 by turning styles/transparency quality from “nicer” to “faster” but in SU 2018 lines are visible no matter what. Only solution is to change back face color to 40% gray but that’s too dark. Any solution?!

Why is it too dark?

Since your UI is much darker you have less contrast and much more room for mistake. Idk, I’ll try to get used to it but that should be fixed. It’s a CAD program, not Ikea kitchen planner. (and that’s SU Pro, paid version)

I see that sort of thing with my default back face color. It’s the graphics card showing the back face color but I don’t see any reason that setting the back face color to something darker is a problem.

I’m confused. Are your images screenshots or export->2D Graphic from SketchUp, or are they the product of a renderer?

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Well, that’s the only thing I can do now. Thanks!

Enabling profiles (View > Edges > Profiles) will prevent the back edges from bleeding through but the model can feel a bit heavier to work with.

I know that but I have only GTX 1060 and model is about 150 MB.

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