Boring User Interfaces

One of my favorite things about SketchUp is it’s colorful UI. The immediate realism is satisfying and it gets my creative juices flowing.

It’s a breath of fresh air compared to other gray UI’s that are so boring that it makes me want to fall asleep. Seriously, I think they couldn’t have chosen a more boring color than gray.

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I prefer the Dark UI myself, and I really want to see it in V19!

I have all my other apps (that allow it) set like this.

Especially now working tonight INDD, its 7pm here and dark so the Grey UI is much better to help me concentrate:

Ed: I just checked, almost all my other software, even obscure stuff has got the Dark UI Option turned on. But I agree with you, in that people like different things so we should both be able to choose our preference rather than have one or the other.

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I agree regarding the icon colors. It’s fresh and lively. It also greatly helps recognizing the icons. Regarding the toolbar background color I think it’s best to use the OS color. This way the user can customize it and it fits well into everything else. I would be fine with dark UI being an option inside SU too, but don’t care that much and certainly wouldn’t want it by default.

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Maybe it’s because I’m Puerto Rican but I like vivid colors on everything… I like to get inspiration from Dribble .

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A dark UI would be something new, but for me the UI is not that important.

Have you ever tried AMS Window Settings

Allows switching SketchUp fullscreen and toggling visibility of various elements of the window.

…Some people are good enough to use hot-keys and not rely on the toolbar shortcuts so having the option to get rid of the UI would be ideal.

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