User Interface

It is very disappointing that in every update sketchup developer authority pays very little attention on improvement of user interface of sketchup. Compare to other 3D software sketchups interface is so cheap and far backdated in terms of user friendly UI. specially in organizing the toolbars. They should follow other 3D software or they should implement a new user-interface that in convenient to work.

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NO! Under no circumstances!


Or they should improve the user interface.

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A specific proposal ?

Have you ever designed a user interface that everyone likes?

One does not have to have designed. UI I order to critique one. It can’t be denied that SketchUp’s UI is pretty bad and has been sorely overlooked for years. And yes I’ve designed UI for decades. Sketchup to me is outdated and not remotely where it should be.

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I can only be thankful that SketchUp has kept its toolbar-based interface and not gone to the what-do-you-call-it thingy with the Hello Kitty-type large icons instead of menus.

It’s not that I like everything in it, but overall I like it to be “simple and permanent”.
However, this is very subjective. Surely, user interfaces you designed, also have critics.

The user interface here needs serious work. It’s hardly subjective. Not much else to say without getting into the massive list of complaints outlined in these forums over the years.

Just because there are critics of my work doesn’t invalidate my input either. Stop with that line of reasoning already. Please. Thanks!

I don’t understand why you take it personally. That was not my intention. :peace_symbol: By no means can we say that something would invalidate your opinion. But allow mine too.
I respect your request and will not comment further.

I personally love the sketchup interface. I would prefer that extension tools could be customised like native tools.
Will a different ui make the tools work differently.


It felt like you were trying to argue against the original posters by asking him if he had designed a user interface everyone likes. And when I defended his standpoint, you questioned MY ui experience too. That’s why it felt a bit personal, but if I am wrong then that is okay too.

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I think the point being made was, can anyone design anything everyone agrees on.


Yes, I also hate these Microsoft Office type panels. But the SU and LO interface could really be better. Take, for example, Adobe programs, where different palette, menu, and window layouts are tailored to different types of operations. Very often, many of the palettes or toolbars are not needed for a specific job, their presence in front of your eyes dazzles the overall picture and takes up space on the screen. Organizing and saving different workspaces would be a great improvement.

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And some years back Sketchucation devised a ui tool that let you group various extensions and only load them. Sets is still a very useful feature.

Understandable. Personally I do not think that is possible. So there’s always room for improvement.

Isn’t that the heart of the issue.
This pencil feels odd and the paper is the wrong weight.
Old farts like me will never want the same interface as a 12 year old that can text with one hand in his pocket.
One of the beauties of SU is you can move toolbars around customise some, use shortcuts. Personally I think its far more ui friendly than most web sites.

I do no care about the interface as long as the program is fully functional!

It’s true. As it is a hobby, you can tap the keyboard with one finger. But when you start making money with writing, you have to learn to use all ten fingers.

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Understanding the tools often allows a two finger typist to run rings around a touch typist. The interface is only a pencil, what you do with it is what counts.

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I’m earning a living and with my AHK / shortcut setup, using mostly one, sometimes two fingers, I have a fast and minimal SU UI setup with maximum modelling screen area.

If only the measurements toolbar could activate and float at the mouse point when using a tool…