Love SK, LO is frustratingly slow

I’m just doing smaller residential renovations, alterations and additions. SketchUp is wonderful, intuitive and great at helping clients see what their getting. I find, unfortunately, that creating CDs in Layout is just impossibly slow. I really like the look of the output and I like the workflow, tools, etc. I just wish it could keep up with me. I feel like I have to eat billable hours because I’m always waiting for it. I want to be able to just click, click, click… What is the big deal ? I’ve seen a bunch of other chats on this issue with LO being slow and laggy. Can’t the developers do something ?

Are you still using SU/LO2019 as indicated by your profile?

Without seeing one of your LayOut files we can only guess at what is going on but more often than not, the majority of the slowdowns we see can be traced back to modeling practices which could be improved.

Some have made it work… I don’t use it for everything, but some do. What the secret is, is not quite clear but generally you have to use restraint in keeping a clean organized model of smaller size (polygons and textures) and don’t try to do it all in one LayOut file.

I think it also has to do with hardware, but I don’t think that’s been figured out. LO is the only software that prompts me take frequent coffee breaks, so I plan on those pauses in my day and try to keep it at a minimum.

If I had to use LO more than I do , I would seriously work with Nick Sonder’s book (which I have).

This is constantly coming up and in the majority of cases, in my opinion (and others), it’s down to workflow.

A recent discussion in this thread - Layout too slow to use - #167 by LinearGraphs and the reason is because two pages are entirely a single image respectively for the representation of the particular project detail.

For sure, why can’t Layout handle large images is the cry - but all of the detail shown in the above can be done with Layout viewports.

As Dave says - we need to see one of your files.

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I’d be happy for any help or suggestions I can get…
I had been a manual drafts person for many years and while trying to do business and keep up with demand I went through the process of trying to figure out what program to make a commitment to… I landed on SketchUp because it just felt like a smooth transition from manual drafting. I’ve self-taught and may have all sorts of issues with the way I develop my models and drawings… just not sure. It seems like I’ve cleaned things up significantly over the past few year. Really love being able to organize my models with the advent of the tag folders… But I can’t figure out why LO is so painfully slow

Thanks all for the prompt replies… I’d be happy to share my files, if that would help and anyone could advise… I’m away from my desk right now, posting from my phone… so maybe later I’ll try “uploading” a file? so people can critique ? Could be some of my hardware too ? Video card, etc…. I’m not a tech guru, hardly !

Please do so!

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