LO on Windows 11

Just installed Windows 11 last weekend and LO is even slower then it was before…I just had to laugh how slow and clunky LO is now. My goodness. Why do we even pay for a subscription as there is absolute NO progression in anything? Okay twisted emotions here…sorry…

Did you update your hardware to support Windows 11? Did you update graphics drivers updated for Win11?

mmm…explain please…

I updated to W11 some weeks ago and LO is as fast as it was under W10 - which was fast.

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Yep! Installed all new ‘dedicated’ drivers…

You are right…can’t expect things are getting better anymore. Development is so passé. Sorry to bother.

By mid-summer the development team would have been working on SketchUp 2022 and would be including updates for Windows 11 support. Your claim that they aren’t doing anything is so far from the truth it’s laughable.

You seem to have such huge problems with SketchUp and LayOut all the time. Why do you even bother to use it? Why don’t you find something else if this is so bad?

I would start by checking out in the Nvidia control panel 3D application settings that updating Windows has not changed your preferred graphics card setting for SketchUp.

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Touched a sweet spot…sorry. I’m a professional, with professional needs. I work with Sketchup. I work with Sketchup since the beginning of it and I’ve paid for it since the beginning. When you pay for something in a continues way like with a subscription you may expect continuation of development.

Thanks Anssi, did that already…installed my preferences as I had in W10. No improvement. :frowning:

Nothing has changed with the SU/LO software.

Nothing has changed for me and something has changed for you.

It must surely be down to your system…?

If it’s something particular to your setup, the SU team can’t necessarily be expected to know that such a possible scenario would cause an issue.

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I use SketchUp professionally, too, and I’ve paid for it since 2003. I’ve seen continual development over the years.

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Sketchup is running fine…only LO is more clunky then is was. Well, I’m afraid I have to tweak and sqeeuze again. Thanks anyway!

I opened a discussion about LO, not Sketchup. And if LO suits you in your professional workflow, you are a lucky man…

I’m not certain if it makes a difference but did you install the latest driver via Windows or did you download and install the driver direct from Nvidia?

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This is hardware related. Windows 11 was designed to work best with the latest generation of Intel processors. This explains the Intel portion.
This explains the Windows portion.


Ye, installed it from Nvidia and tweaked the program settings…dragging the views, even with simple content are extremely clunky.

Will that be the case…Luckily I ordered a new system with a 12700 K processor last Friday… :sweat_smile: Curious how LO will work on that machine.

I am also curious as to the difference. Please get back to us when yoou have it up and running.


I will!